Aims and Objectives

Rehabilitation services are provided at EKA with the application of the most modern approaches in terms of quality of care, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, new technologies, research and training in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Our hospital treats patients with physical and functional deficits, after a congenital or acquired disease or injury of the nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, urogenital system or multisystemic damage and applies diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from the early and subacute phase to social reintegration.

The purpose of EKA is to provide all the necessary medical and social services to the patient in need of Rehabilitation, in order to organize his/her recovery process, to strengthen his/her functional abilities and  to replace his/her lost functions. Moreover, with the help of the appropriate assistive technology and proposed changes in patient’s environment, EKA promotes the functional autonomy and social reintegration of the patient .

EKA accepts patients from all regions of the Greek Territory, European citizens or citizens of other countries in accordance with the current transnational agreements.

 EKA provides inpatient healthcare facilities in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinics for active Rehabilitation and outpatient facilities in order to ensure follow-up or to implement Rehabilitation treatments in patients who are not hospitalized.  It also provides the possibility of creating a supported living environment.

Furthermore, EKA is an evaluation center for recording and classifying functionality or disability through activities in real environment conditions.
EKA also plays a special pedagogical role in shaping public opinion for the acceptance of citizens with disabilities, the removal of stigma and social exclusion.

The Administration and the Staff of EKA Hospital

Chairman Nikos Psarros
Economist (MBA, MSc)

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