The Department of Psychology is responsible for the psychological support and psychotherapy of the hospitalized patients, their families and the staff of EKA, at the request of themselves, the carers or the treating doctors. It also offers psychotherapy sessions to outpatients  who come to our hospital   in the outpatient facilities.

In detail, the aims and objectives of Psychologists are:

  • The identification and evaluation of abilities of the disabled with methods of psychological and psychotechnical examination at individual and group level.
  • The psychological support of the disabled and their families throughout the stage of social integration or reintegration  (multidisciplinary approach).
  • Counseling, support, psychoeducation and psychotherapy sessions for inpatients and their families.
  • Individual and group therapy sessions.
  • Individual or couple or family psychotherapy sessions, in the context of outpatient clinic.
  • Organization and updating of patient’s medical file and submitting psychological reports.
  • Participation in the on-call hours of the Hospital
  • Participation in the multidisciplinary team.

The purpose of any clinical intervention is to empower the patient to make the most appropriate decision for him/her and to regain a satisfactory control of his/her life.

All  the aforementioned  therapeutic procedures, are appropriate, patient-centered and in accordance with international scientific criteria.

Contact telephone numbers:

Analyti Alexandra  213 2015342

Doudoumi Fotini  213 2015300

Bohoropoulou Eleni  213 2015326

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