1st PRM

The Clinic covers the whole range of modern rehabilitation for patients with diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system. 

It treats multiple medical, physical, cognitive, emotional, functional and other problems of people with brain trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, neurological disorders, orthopedic and rheumatic diseases.

Patients (inpatients or outpatients), receive therapeutic interventions through rehabilitation programs that aim to improve the health, functionality and ultimately the quality of life of the patients.

Our Clinic gives full specialization in the PRM speciality.

Physicians of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

Director of Medical Service : Groumas Nikolaos

Medical Directors:

Ananidis Nikolaos

Andreadi Agni

Tragoulias Vasileios

Doctors to specialize :

Tsingeli Friday

Papanastasiou Christina

Koutsogeorgis Nikolaos

Kalogerakis Christoforos

Giannopoulou Maria-Semeli

Head Nurse: Tatsi Dimitra


  • The examination of patients is done with a scheduled appointment
  • The operation of the outpatient clinics includes:
  • Examination and treatment of patients with neurological, orthopedic and rheumatic diseases who present with functional disorders and need therapeutic intervention  
  • Examination of patients in the context of the admission procedure
  • Follow-up of patients who have been hospitalized and, if necessary, appropriate therapeutic intervention.
  • Formulation of outpatient treatment programs.
  • Treatment of spasticity (medication, orthoses, botulinum toxin injection).
  • Assessment, prescribing, testing for the application of orthoses, prostheses, wheelchairs and other aids (assistive technology).
  • Evaluation and management / counseling of patients with orthocystic disorders               
  • Provision with certificates and referral files of patients monitored by the Clinic for their disability, for insurance reasons 
  • Counseling on issues related to disease, functionality and social integration


Assessment in outpatient clinics

Correspondence assessment for patients from the periphery


After the hospitalization and the initial clinical and laboratory evaluation of the patient, immediately follows the formulation, planning and implementation of a treatment program tailored to the needs and capabilities, in collaboration with the treatment departments.

During the hospitalization there is regular monitoring and interventions are made to improve the health of the patients with appropriate medication and treatment and adjustment of the rehabilitation program. 

There is also an evaluation / selection of aids and orthoses aimed at the functional improvement of our patients.

Within the operation of the Clinic, daily monitoring is performed by the clinicians and once / week evaluation of selected patients in the therapeutic departments, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team.

The patient is also assessed by the other members of the medical team of the hospital (consists of a physician, cardiologist, urologist, psychiatrist) for comorbidities and complications.

At the same time, there is support from the biochemical and radiological departments 


After the completion of the treatment, the patient is assessed in the outpatient clinics for the treatment / management of the problems that appear.


  • Patients, after evaluation by the doctors of the clinic, have the opportunity to be referred to our Hospital in:
  • Electromyographic analysis (in the laboratory of our clinic)       
  • Urodynamic study in collaboration with the respective lab
  • Imaging (radiological / ultrasound) and bone density measurement by the radiology department
  • The clinic supports “HNIOXO” with a specialized doctor
  • In collaboration with the 2nd PRM and a team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists, a NEUROPLASTICITY UNIT has been formed with the aim of therapeutic intervention / clinical application of robotics and other high-tech systems.

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