Speech Therapy

The science of speech therapy is based on the theory of neuroplasticity of the brain and its function.  It trains the neurons and synapses to regain the function of speech, speech, voice and swallowing (Luria et al.). The Speech Therapist is the scientist who is responsible for the prevention, evaluation, treatment and scientific study of human communication and the disorders associated with the disorders related to the swallowing movements of the oropharynx. Within this general context, human communication encompasses all functions related to the comprehension and expression of spoken and written language, as well as all appropriate forms of non-verbal communication.

The EKA speech therapist

At EKA our goal is the well-being of the individual that is achieved through rehabilitation. Prerequisite for well-being is communication. Therefore, the speech therapist through interdisciplinary approach  will contribute to the most effective intervention based on the needs, skills – possibilities and the prognosis of each case.
The scope of action of the Speech Therapist at EKA includes neurogenic disorders of speech and language (dysarthria, etc.), aphasia, dysphagia and swallowing disorders, communication disorders, voice disorders (functional, organic or post-traumatic etiology), rhinolalia, maintaining communication in the pathologies of “brain aging” (Altzheimer etc), esophageial speech after laryngectomy and  technology related to speech and voice.

Staff of Speech Therapy Department

Georgonikou Tzeni   Tel. number: 2132015320

Athanasiadi Christina   Tel. number: 2132015316

Syllaidopoulou Ioanna   Tel. number: 2132015317

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