EKA has been operating since 1945. It was founded by the “American Foundation for the Near East” with the financial support of the Greek military care in the USA.

In 1949, the Ministry of Health and Welfare undertook the subsidy of the institution, which under the name “ΚΑΠΑΨ” (Rehabilitation Center for the Mentally Handicapped) was developed and operated in Palaio Psychiko, as the main  Medical, Social and Vocational Rehabilitation program of Greece for the physically disabled.
Founder and Director until 1981 was Spiros Theologos, who implemented for the first time in Greece physical and vocational rehabilitation programs as well as reintegration of people with mobility problems in society.

After the liberation, in addition to civilians, the facility served a large number of disabled war veterans. Until 1961, it operated as a private institution and then with Law 564/61 and later with NW 334/73 it took the form of a legal entity under Public Law.

Since then, it operates under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, under the name National Rehabilitation Foundation for the Disabled (EIAA). With Law 3868/2010, article 8, § 17, it was renamed to National Rehabilitation Center (EKA) and transformed from a Social Care Unit into a Hospital of the National Health System (ΕΣΥ) and finally with Law A3a / 42099/14 it operates as a Specialized Hospital with the name “National Rehabilitation Center”.

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