Adapted Physical Education Program

The adapted physical education and therapeutic exercise program is both for people who are hospitalized and for outpatients.

It consists of individual and / or group activities, appropriately adapted to the needs of the patients. It combines physical exercise with entertainment, such as:

  • personalized exercises with elements of pilates, yoga, martial arts and using a variety of fitness equipment  
  • activities based on sports, athletics and other recreational games  
  • athletic exercises with the use of treadmill and stationary bicycles
  • dance
  • elements of music and kinetic education 
  • shiatsu and relaxation techniques

The adapted physical education program aims to improve the physical condition of the participants in terms of their endurance, strength and flexibility. It improves movement control and neuromuscular coordination. It enhances the plasticity of the movement, the rhythm, the accuracy, the balance, as well as the ability to recognize the parts of the body (body knowledge) in relation to the surrounding space. Moreover, the program gives stimuli for self-expression through movement and the ability to the patient to learn relaxation techniques through meditation and exercise. It is recreational and creates an environment of socialization and interaction between participants.

Particular emphasis is given on the ability of the participants to recognize their healthy aspects, shifting the focus of their interest from their weaknesses and limitations to their abilities. Participants are trained to observe their body, identify their needs and explore their sporting interests. So, they are gradually oriented towards the formation of their own, personalized program that they will potentially be able to implement at home.

A prerequisite for attending the physical education program is the presentation of a medical referral and a pre-exercise medical evaluation.

Garyfallou Marietta Panagiota

Gymnast specialized in Adapted Physical Education

Three-year shiatsu graduate

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