Driving Assessment Center INIOCHOS

The INIOCHOS / EKA Center is the only State Center for Assessment of driving ability and driving preparation for people with mobility problems (orthopedic-neurological) .

It is addressed to:

  • Candidates who have mobility problems and are about to get a driver’s license for the first time.
  • Drivers who already have a driver’s license and during their lifetime had acquired mobility problems.

The INIOCHOS Center of the National Rehabilitation Center, was established in 1995 and operates as an Independent Department of our Hospital since 2015, according to the new EKA Organization. The principles that govern the operation of the Center are in line with international practice and are adapted to the Greek reality.

The INIOCHOS / EKA Center contributes to the autonomous living of the disabled as it aims at autonomous and safe driving , promoting their social and professional reintegration.

The Center, having appropriate material and technical infrastructure (specially adapted vehicles) as well as specialized and well-trained medical and paramedical staff, provides the following services:

  • Individualized assessment of driving ability for people with mobility problems, in order to become competent and safe drivers, with the help of technical aids and adaptations of their cars, as the case may be, after a complete medical evaluation and driving test in suitably adapted vehicles of the Center.
  • Indication of the required special Technical Aids  (adaptations) in the disabled cars, in order to be able to drive safely and comfortably.
  • Provision to the candidate drivers or drivers with mobility problems of a written assessment of their driving ability.  The completion of the process of assessing the driving ability of people with mobility problems is carried out by a Special Committee of Mechanical Engineers (of the relevant Department of Transport & Communications) in a modified vehicle.

Also know:

  • The assessment of driving ability is done only by appointment.
  • The cost of the examination is not covered by the insurance funds and the examination fees for the assessment of driving ability of people with mobility problems are paid directly to the Hospital by the interested party.
  • The average time required to assess the driving ability, is about 1 hour, as the case may be.

 Iniochos / EKA Center

  • For more information and to plan your driving test, please contact:

213-20.15.109, 213-20.15.284

  • E-mail:  iniohos@eka-hosp.gr
  • Staff of the Iniochos Center / EKA:
    • Head :  Mrs. Vasilaki-Kyparissi Efstathia Physiotherapist, specialized in the assessment of driving ability of people with mobility problems

Physiatrists:  Mrs. Maragoudaki Evangelia Argyro

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