Administrative office

1. Is responsible for the secretarial support of all medical and nursing departments and units of the hospital.

2. It has the responsibility to provide general information to the public and patients.

3. It is responsible for maintaining medical records, keeping the general protocol and handling correspondence (and electronics).

 4. Confirms the authenticity of the signature and validates copies.

5. Takes care of any issue related to the organization of secretarial support, in accordance with the decisions of the Administration and other services of the Hospital, the maintenance and processing of statistical data, the provision of information in the departments of the Hospital, to the Ministry of Health and to the other competent bodies, in order to deal with any problem related to the hospital.

Contact telephones:

-Protocol Office: 213 2015260

-Secretariat 1st PMR: 213 2015159

-Secretariat  2nd PMR: 213 2015282

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