Social Service

The social service in E.K.A. provides psychosocial support to the patient and his/her family during their stay in the center in order to accept and deal with their current situation by using their potential for a successful social reintegration.

Our department is addressed to inpatients and outpatients. There are also cases of physically disabled people who come to ​​our facilities, for assessment of social needs, information and referral to other services.

 In short, our main aims are:

  • Initial contact, communication with the acute care facilites.
  • First contact with the new patient, identifying  the projected problems, taking a social background history, identifying  urgent intervention.
  • Psychosocial evaluation of the person with mobility problems and assessment of family dynamics.
  • Participation in the weekly medical visits in the clinics.
  • Join the rehabilitation team.
  • Counseling support for the physically disabled and the family, throughout the rehabilitation program.
  • Information about the existing resources of the community, about the programs of social policy, vocational rehabilitation, social reintegration and patient’s rights (benefits, pensions, allowance policy).

Collaboration with public providers of Welfare and Health services (eg Hospitals, OAED, Special Schools, Universities, Local Government)

  • Information on the operation of E.K.A. to educational institutions, to bodies of Local Self-Government, etc.
  • Education of students of the University of West Attica (PADA)
  • Handling correspondence for admission of patients from remote areas.
  • Undertakes the admission process to Institutions of Chronically Ill or Chronic Diseases Clinics of EOPYY for needy and lonely patients etc.

Contact telephones: 2132015181-184

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