Technical Services Department

The Technical Services Department is composed of 2 Departments . The Department of Building Installations and Environment and the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment and Biomedical and Rehabilitation Technology (VITA).

The Department of Building Facilities and Environment, supervises the maintenance and repairs of all the building elements of the buildings of EKA and the equipment of EKA, while it is also responsible for the maintenance of the environment.

The Department of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment and Biomedical & Rehabilitation Technology (VITA Unit), is composed of two independent activities.

Regarding the Mechanical and Electrical equipment, it is responsible for the maintenance of the mechanical, electrical and refrigeration installations of EKA, the natural gas network, the generators, as well as the vehicles of EKA.

The VITA Unit deals with the construction and adaptation of artificial limbs and other orthopedic aids as well as the performance of specialized biomechanical measurements. In addition, it deals with the support of EKA services and its connection with other Centers, Universities and Research Institutes of Greece and Abroad in matters of rehabilitation technology, clinical engineering, biomedical technology and biomechanics. It also, supervises the rational use and operation of medical equipment and the application of European and International standards for the protection of patients and staff.

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